Male Masturbators, Stepping Up From Your Days of Discovery

Remember the days of adolescents, when you first discovered the art of masturbation? And I’m speaking specifically to the guys here, your hand plus a sock or Kleenex or towel you hid in the laundry and maybe some lotion right? Well if you haven’t discovered or tried one of these little helpers you definitely should give it a thought.

And here’s why:

Quite honestly this was a very hard topic to find origins for. While I can’t find when they were first introduced I can tell you they seem to be a relatively new thing.

Remeber those toys we would get as kids that was essentially a long tube inside of a tube, the thing that was so hard to hold onto? Well pretty much that’s what the first male masturbators looked pretty much like.


Next came the era of fleshlights;


resembling a flashlight but instead of a light at the end its a fake pussy or mouth. Then seemingly came everything else. Now we’re not going to get into the prostate toys in this article but we’ll cover those another day.

Today you can find almost anything in any shape for you to stick it in and have fun (alone or with a friend). From sex dolls to just asses with the hole, to full fake pelvic replicas made to look and feel human.

download (3)sex-doll

But when you’re on a tight budget or want something you can tuck away fairly easily we now have masturbation sleeves.

virtual-sleeve-masturbation-sex-toy-male1images (1)broH2_3

These little guys are small enough to stash yet most feel similar to real flesh. A few I’ve come across are made of a jelly type substance which I must say is very fun to feel. You can get them shaped like mouths and anuses and vaginas, you can even get them plain with no shape, just a hole, and those can come with beads in them for extra stimulation.

Speaking of beads the next thing I’ve found and have in the house is similar to a cock ring yet a touch looser and is made completely of beads like this: (or you can use a string of regular beads I’ve heard)




This is definitely good if you like the feel of your own hand (or partners) but want a little something extra.

so that’s all I have for today but please let me know in the comments if you have any other types you’ve seen and your thoughts on them!



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