Ex pornstars who now have awesome jobs!

I heard a line once something along the lines of “once a whore always a whore” and for some crazy reason I also always see people calling porn-stars whores and sluts and skanks and everything else in between. Well it made me think, What are they up to after they retire? Soooo, I researched just that!

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Randi Wright (aka Channon Rose) appeared in over 80 films during her career and is now doing what everyone loves to see, YouTube! She has just over 500,000 subscribers on her main channel and over 53,000 on her vlog channel. (p.s Congrats on the half a million hun!! <3 )


Tiffany Million (Born Sandra Schwab) has appeared in over 100 adult titles and won at least 3 awards and even started a production company of her own before she married her dream guy and had 2 adorable little offspring’s. She now runs her own business (as seen on Wife, Mom, Bounty Hunter) Of Bounty hunting and private investigation. Now THAT’S bad-ass!

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Sascha Grey( Marina Ann Hantzis) spent 5 years in the adult entertainment industry before retiring in 2011. Now she acts on tv shows, movies and has even done a few music videos. Way to stay on screen!


Another one hopping in the mainstream movies is Traci Lords (Nora Louise Kuzma), partaking in 12 movies and over 27 tv episodes! (Shes the reason porn movies now have the ‘minimum age 18’ disclosure)


Asia Carrera
Asia Carrera

Asia Carrera ( Jessica Steinhauser) walked away from a full academic scholarship and appeared in over 400 adult film and videos! Shes now a stay-at-home mom of two little offspring’s. I think that’s a pretty awesome job!





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