Doc Johnson Reverse Tightening Gel – oh my!

4.5/5 Stars

We all know as age comes certain things just don’t work how they used to work or maybe we just want a little upgrade. Well for women we have Tightening Gels and lubes which claim to make you tight like never before. There’s many brands of these on the market and I’ve tried a few and so far I’ve picked this one as my favorite. Now… I’m only in my mid 20’s so this was more of a “let’s see how this makes it” kind of purchase but I’m oddly pleased. And I purchased it in the large tube which is 2ounces (should last awhile I say) for around 12$.

doc reverse

The website says its ingredients “causes an increase of blood flow to the vaginal walls, helping them plump up and feel tighter” and is packed with natural ingredients like “ginger, cocoa, cinnamon and pepper” which explains why it says it “tingles”.


First off IT LIED, it does NOT tingle. It is however very very very warm. It can be uncomfortable at first but you really do learn to love that burn. I HIGHLY advise to use only a small small dab the first time you try one of these products (or any warming product for that matter… trust me, quitting sex half way to run into a cold shower really is a mood killer, but funny as hell) and slowly work up to a bigger dab.

Unlike others that I’ve tried this one did not indicate a timeframe to apply before penetration. Others I’ve had have said 15 minutes prior, some have said 10 some said 20! So after application we did not wait. At first you’ll feel a slight tingling and then slowly intensifying up to very warm and then what I call “minor burn”. It does not work like normal lube to make It more slick, it actually seems to give more friction with minimal lubrication. I must admit at first I thought this wasn’t going to do anything besides be super (mega) warm until about 10 minutes in (now why didn’t they say that on the tube?) and it definitely made everything feel tighter. To me this was a very appealing feeling and from the sound of hubby, he enjoyed it too.


Fair warning though ladies, if you’re like me and tend to squeeze your pelvic muscles during sex well then be prepared for what might feel like you’re actually stretching your vagina. It took me a little while to get my muscle to just relax otherwise poor hubby may not have lasted more than a few minutes.


Now it did stay fairly warm for about 15-20 minutes once I starting feeling the burn, and it does slowly fade while keeping the tightness (or maybe I just forgot about the burning feeling) and it is ACTUALLY pleasurable even with the heat. But the more your body self lubricates (or squirts) the less intense it becomes quicker.


Overall I like this product a lot.

I give this a 4.5/5 rating (-.5 because it didn’t say how long it took to activate and it was a touch more hot than I was expecting)

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this product or similar products and what you think of them!



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