Clone a Willy – Make Your Own Toy From Your Favorite Penis

Clone a Willy – Make Your Own Toy From Your Favorite Penis

Does It Work?

Rating 2.5/5

We all know how it is, your home alone and you’re in a playful mood but you simply want your own partners (or maybe your own) willy. Well they have a product for you! Ps. This is just one of 3 that I’ve discovered

The product claims to be the original in home penis molding kit and can clone your partners (or your own) willy in 2 minutes with a complete toy in 28 hours. The molding substance itself is very squishy rubber-like when hardened. It’s available in 8 different colors including glow in the dark and comes with the optional vibrator function. (and a chocolate molding kit and a candle molding kit and penis plus balls kit and clone a pussy kit)

The molding substance is made from alginate and is completely natural and even edible should you choose.

The process: (video link here)
(Make sure your on a hard floor and naked waist down cause this will get messy)

Size the tube: hold tube against body with erect penis and add 5cm. Mark a line. Cut there (closest to the open end) and seal the rough edge with tape. If your curved cut it nearly in half and tape it back on an angle)

Next you mix the alienate with warm 90 degree water (it comes with a thermometer so you get it right). You only have a maximum of 60 seconds to mix it as smooth as possible and pour it into the tube.

Now. Stick your willy in. Being sure to have the cut end of the tube pressed securely against your body. Stay there for 2 minutes. (If you mess this part up and it hardens before you get inserted, don’t worry, you can buy addition packets of molding powder online)

Carefully remove your penis from the tube and let the mold harden for 4 hours. Then mix togeather the 2 parts silicone for one minute and pour it slowly into your mold. (If you choose to add the vibrator be sure to stick it in now and use cardboard to keep it from vanishing in the silicone completely)

Wait 24 hours then remove. And voila!

That’s what they say…


We tried THREE times to make a clone, the first time we didn’t curve the tube (my fault, curves rock for sex but not for molds) but it wasn’t that bad just one flatter spot where the penis touched the plastic tube. But since we didn’t want to waste the expensive silicone we simply discarded it and purchased more molding powder.

The second try we curved the tube and got a pretty darn good mold for half of his willy. The head and first 3 inches or so came out a perfect mold but the last few inches we accidentally spilled out alot of molding mix so it was quite thin and we had to bend the tube to get the most out of it. (Tape held it ovaled while it cured) we used the silicone and the vibrator on it but where it was curved we have vibrator showing through one part. No biggie I think it was still pretty darn cool once we trimmed off the excess silicone.

The third try was tonight, curved tube, mixed powder, all is well… air bubble somehow at the entire head… so this mold is pretty much unusable.

I see 2 other brand that I’m going to try to pick up, one is called cloneboy and you actualy have a fully open tube that you pour the mixture from where the head is and it’s sealed with a rubber at the end where the shift goes in.

The other is just like the clone a willy we tried but has a hole near the top to pour the mixture into.

Now from the wonderful world of the Internet I’ve found lots of positive reviews on this product, by people with straight penises. I’m 100% sure if your not curved this would be amazing for you.

I’m going to pick up another set and get a friend to try it out and I’ll update again in a couple months time. As well as if we ever figure out a way to clone a curved willy properly!

If you try it let me know! Hope to hear from you all!

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